Friday, October 26, 2012

Vernazza - The CinqueTerre

We made a quick trip to the CinqueTerre to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, back to where it all began. So we packed up Zita the Vespa, and headed off for our 3 hour journey to Vernazza.

 We had planned to locate the little trattoria where we had the most memorable meal on our previous trip some 6 years earlier. A delicious spaghetti pesto (the specialty of Liguria) followed by Vernazza casserole, an oven baked dish of fresh sardines layered with sliced potatoes and tomato sugo. We were also looking forward to walking some of the spectacular CinqueTerre coastline.

Feeling rather poorly!
Unfortunately this was not our most successful trip. Firstly I had a cold and was feeling rather poorly. We did find the little trattoria (by accident) and stopped there for lunch. I think I can honestly say the spaghetti pesto was the worst I’ve eaten; Marino’s gnocchi was also a huge disappointment.

We had dinner at another restaurant and ordered their ‘Vernazza casserole’ which was delicious; we also kept to our anniversary promise by drinking a bottle of 2010 wine (the year of our wedding), which did help to soothe my sore throat.

Our best meal was when we met up with Louise and Arran (an ex colleague of Marino's) who were staying at Manarola, 2 villages away from us. We enjoyed a delicious seafood meal, good bottle of wine and great conversation. I think we all needed a little whinge that evening!

Mmm … Vernazza Casserole

Your turn’s coming ....

However by the following morning Marino was feeling rather poorly (being the loving caring sharing wife that I am – I gave him my cold). Our planned walking was cancelled due to the fact that some Australians had been badly injured the week before, and all trails were closed! So instead we decided to visit the little villages by boat, headed down to the tiny port only to be told that no boats were going that day due to the rough seas! Mamma Mia!!

In the end we had to join the other million tourists who were stranded and visit each of the villages by train, sort of like a mass group tour. Not quite what we’d had in mind.

The beautiful fishing boats in the harbour

 Not too worry, we still love the CinqueTerre and we’ve got many more trips planned.

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